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The V2 Difference

Our professionals developed V2 Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of McMinnville, Oregon, with the patient in mind. From the warm welcome you feel as you walk through our doors to our specially designed dental chairs, comfort and safety are the main focus of our dentist office.

Oral Relaxation Medications

If you are concerned about your dental visit or have a fear of dental procedures, we are able to do your work with "conscious sedation" by utlilzing medication for relaxation. This technique allows patients with a fear of coming to the dentist to finally get the work they need taken care of in a relaxed state. Through the combination of oral medications and nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, procedures you once feared are now easily completed. Patients using this method of treatment report less pain during after their appointments and, in many cases, have no recollection of their appointment.

Optimum Safety

Dentistry is a continually changing art and science, and our clinicians have done their very best to bring to you the latest procedures for your convenience. V2 is one of the first offices in the nation to be a part of a new anesthetic buffer, meaning you experience a more comfortable injection and become numb faster. The days of multiple injections to numb your tooth are eliminated. 
Additionally, by using digital radiographs and intraoral cameras, we can show you your teeth and make better diagnoses with less exposure to radiation than the traditional exam. We use composite resins and porcelain to restore your teeth. By using these materials along with an amalgam separator, we have eliminated the unnecessary dumping of heavy metals and mercury into our environment and you.

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